So, according to rumours, it’s likely that a Graceland agent will be killed off for the finale but I realllyyy hope they don’t do that because, in a way, this show is like Friends: you need all six of them for it to be the Graceland we know and love!

I totally agree it would be so different with one of them gone, could you image the house atmosphere, I really hope that none of them die. I’m worried that if someone does, I might not won’t to watch season 3, I probably will because I love the show, but I don’t want to force myself to watch the aftermath of that event, it’s going to be heartbreaking. 

thedepartedfairy asked:

Can you do a gifset, with dialogue, of the scene in 2x03 with Jakes and Paige are in the truck. Starting out with when he tells her about the old Looney Tunes cartoon with Daffy all the way through to, "Please. I know you feel it. We eat, we work, we die. There's no glory here. Just a mouthful of sand." Jakes pretty much sums up what their lives are like and I love Paige's reaction to what Jakes says to her.

Yep, no problem I can do that. Hopefully I can get it down over this weekend.


I just had a crazy unlikely idea, but I’m gonna throw it out there anyways. Even if I think it’s unlikely to happen. What if Paige being in charge at Graceland was what Serinda said she totally didn’t see coming for Paige at the end of the season?

I still think that something is going to be something bad, at least in viewers’ minds. And I still think Paige would not want to be in charge of these misfits. But if that was it, how interesting would that be?

I would rather that happen to Paige, then her leaving Graceland or worse (losing her life). I need Paige 




Why are there rarely promo pics of Paige? This has been bothering me a long time.

Tell me about it, Every time new promo pictures are released I get really excited, then I get disappointed cause Paige isn’t in them. And yes Paige is my favourite character. 

Me too! I wonder why that is. I don’t get it.

And yes, Serinda IS a babe.

I really hope it’s not because something bad happens to her in the finale. There will defiantly be tears.

Anonymous asked:

Could you gif jakes telling Johnny he is the Wikipedia or nonsense? Pleaseee! That was too funny

Yes, that was hilarious. I would love to make it, hopefully I will have it done this afternoon.