World Day Against Trafficking in Persons


World +Graceland fans, be sure to show your spirit, heart and passions by letting your voice be heard! One of the most beautiful ways you can do something great for the world is by spreading awareness. Your voice is powerful and it can make a difference.


"30 July 2014 marks the first ever United Nations World Day against Trafficking in Persons. To mark this special day, we’re asking people across the globe to express their solidarity with the millions of victims of human trafficking by giving back what they had stolen from them: hope.

We’re working to generate a massive social media drive to show solidarity with victims of human trafficking and raise awareness about this crime, and we want YOU to join us. 

Are you in? Great. Here’s how to join:

  • Take a photo of yourself or a friend forming a heart with your hands: it’s simple but it symbolizes offering hope to the millions of trafficking victims.
  • Using the hashtag #igivehope, share your photo across social media and remember to post it on the Blue Heart Facebook Page:
  • Sign up for the World Day Thunderclap and amplify the #igivehope campaign to create one major show of solidarity with victims of human trafficking.

To find out more visit”



I have a really bad feeling that something is going to happen to Lina… It would be too easy for Paige to go back to the place where they were held and rescue all the girls including Lina, so Lina probably will already be sold and Paige will have to go looking for her. And it’s likely that Lina could die before/when Paige tries to rescue her because they keep saying how dark this season is gonna be and if it’s darker than The Unlucky One for Paige…

I don’t want anyone to get hurt, but it would solve a lot of problems if Mike proved to Paige that he DOES care about the girls by sacrificing himself for Lina in some way. Like if he took a bullet for Lina (non-lethally of course), I’m sure Paige would totally forgive him for everything!!

I was thinking the same thing, I’m worried for Lina (please don’t kill her). Look at how emotional Paige was after she left Lina and came home to Graceland, I just can’t imagine how Paige would ever recover emotionally if Lina died. I think that the only way that Mike and Paige will ever get past this whole ordeal is that Mike will have to earn Paige’s forgiveness from actions not words.   

The guy who directed our pilot…he was directing an episode earlier in the year in this season - it’s gonna be episode six of season two - we’re having this very very intense argument, all of us in the house, and we could not get through the scene because we were having so much fun and laughing. And he literally had to talk to us like we were 5th graders.

Aaron Tveit

curious to know which scene this was

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I can so imagine them all cracking up at that… can we please have bloopers to numb the pain???? pleaseee???

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Either that one or when they’re planning Mike’s cover around the table. My inclination was the planning Mike’s cover scene. 

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anythinggg-could-happen asked:

Your Graceland GIF sets are the best =)

Thank you so much. I love making Graceland gif sets (especially Pike ones). Making them is how I cope after watching an episode, and if you love them, thats just a plus. You have made my day. (ps. if you want to request a gif set, I’d gladly make them)